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"This was our first year and we were blown away. Not only was the music and the energy off the charts, but the staff and coaches were exactly the types of people I want my daughter to look up to. Every day my daughter and her friend talked about how much they are learning and how much they are stretching their boundaries. They also talked about how nice everyone was, how easy it was to be there and how awesome the coaches were. She told me out of all the camps she has ever been to – music, sports, arts, etc…. The SRO intensive was the best by far." -Toni

"The show rocked.  Something these kids will remember for the rest of their lives." -Robert

"Soooo great! Hope the students had as much fun as this parent did." -Sue

"What an amazing show. These kids ROCK." -Dana

"Amazing staff, well planned out, super venue, lasting memories."




"Kim Roy was incredible, as were your instructors. Our son would normally want to be kicking a soccer ball or shooting a basketball rather than practicing his viola, but he came home every single day and practiced like I had never seen him practice before. He was so pumped about camp each day and he has SO MUCH confidence and pride as a result of Friday's performance." -Sarah


"SROSI is the best money any of us has ever spent on a camp for our kids. It was by far and away the most entertaining show we've seen in a long, long time. And to think it was put on by kids, our very own being one of them, makes it even sweeter."

"What you have created, alongside Kim and the instructors, is simply magical. And life-changing. And so darn important. Thank you, thank you! I cannot imagine the work that goes into this, but please keep doing it. It really is magic. Magic!" -Sarah



"My son ABSOLUTELY loved the camp! He won't stop playing his cello! We look forward to signing him up again next year." -Ameen
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