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Program Details, Policies & Expectations

Registration Policy

"Earlier Bird" tuition will be accepted up until 11:59PM on March 1st. "Early Bird" tuition pricing is in effect from March 2nd through 11:59PM on May 3rd, after which full tuition rates apply. Registrations will be accepted up until 11:59PM on July 5th (later registrations may be possible but are not guaranteed, with advance approval via email).


Starting March 2nd, at the end of the registration form there will be the option to pay the tuition balance in full, or to submit a $100.00 non-refundable tuition deposit.  The deposit will count towards payment of the full tuition balance, which is due in full no later than 11:59PM on July 5th. During our "Earlier Bird" pricing window, tuition must be paid in full prior to March 1st to lock in that low rate. During this time, the option to only pay the tuition deposit at checkout will be disabled, until March 2nd. Registrations received prior to March 1st but accompanied only by a partial payment will be billed at the higher "Early Bird" tuition price as if received after March 2nd. 

All payments must be made via debit or credit card via our web forms. 

Cancellation Policy

We understand that sometimes schedules change. Seattle Rock Orchestra offers a graduated refund policy for program cancellations along this schedule:


• Full refund, less $100 non-refundable tuition deposit for cancellations submitted before 11:59PM on July 1st.

• no refunds will be issued after July 1st, if a student departs the program early, or is dismissed during the Intensive. 

Participation Policy

If a student participant displays aggressive or disruptive behavior during the Summer Intensive, they will be suspended from the rest of the day's activities and their parent/guardian will be called to arrange an immediate pickup.  After a parent/guardian discussion, SRO will determine if your child may return to complete remaining days of the program. There is no refund for any student removed from the Summer Intensive due to behavioral problems. The Summer Intensive is an alcohol and drug free place. Staff will ask students who break these rules to leave for the remainder of the program.

Damage Policy


Damage to the facilities, equipment or belongings of the Moore Theatre, Seattle Theatre Group, Kirkland Performance Center, Seattle Rock Orchestra, or any fellow SROSI participant will be billed in full to the student's parent/guardian.


Scholarships are available for qualifying families. To apply, families seeking to apply for financial assistance may fill out this scholarship form.  Students that are interested in scholarship opportunities are encouraged to apply early, so we can get an accurate picture of how much fundraising we need to do to meet all student's needs. Scholarship applicants will are processed as they are received, and can expect to receive response within a few days. Upon notification of an award, submission of a complete registration form and $100 tuition deposit are required to reserve a spot in the program and confirm acceptance of the scholarship  The maximum scholarship award granted is a full ride, less the $100 deposit. 

Accepted Instruments 

SROSI caters to students of band, orchestra & choir, including:

• Woodwinds (flutes, oboes, clarinets, saxophones, & bassoons)
• Brass (trumpets, french horns, trombones, baritones/euphoniums, tubas)

Strings (violins, violas, cellos, double basses)

• Orchestral mallets and auxiliary percussion

• choir students of all voice types​

At this time we are not accepting performers whose primary instruments are guitar, electric bass, drum set or piano/keyboard. Some opportunities for these instruments may be presented for those that play them as a secondary instrument.



In order to ensure proper orchestral balance, some applicants may be put on a waiting list if there are an unusual number of applicants for their particular instrument. Students on the waiting list will be notified as soon as possible if a spot becomes available. In the event that a spot does not open up, all tuition paid (including deposit) will be refunded for any students we are unable to accommodate.

Confidence & Comfort Zones


While SROSI is all about having massive amounts of fun, it’s also about growth! We will be asking students to introduce more movement into their playing. We’ll ask them to sing and dance. We’ll ask them to improvise. We’ll ask them to play louder and more assertively than they thought was even possible. We will introduce them to new rhythms, key signatures, notations, and techniques. This may leave them feeling overwhelmed at first, but in our experience, any anxiety usually passes quickly after a few days, after which they'll be having the time of their lives!


If your student is feeling overwhelmed, please assure them that it is a normal response that will pass with time. Going into the camp, students should expect to have their comfort zones gently stretched, and hopefully will arrive with an open mind and a willingness to try new things, participate fully, and get comfortable being more expressive (and possibly very silly).

Safe Space

SROSI is a safe and inclusive place for LGBTQ+ and all youth! 

Repertoire Disclaimer

While SROSI takes great care to make sure the songs we perform are age appropriate and not explicitly obscene, rock’n’roll is our medium, a genre built on themes of rebellion, provocation and bad behavior. With that in mind, some of the repertoire may contain brief adult language or adult themes, when those songs otherwise offer significant musical value. That said, everything we perform has been on the radio at some point, approved at some level for public consumption. 

Repertoire selections are finalized in late June/early July, and are included in an advance info packet that goes out a few weeks before camp starts.

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Participation in both Seattle & Kirkland Sessions


Students are welcome to attend both Summer Intensive sessions in Seattle and Kirkland! We are planning to rehearse and perform the same repertoire at both locations, and will do our best to offer different repertoire at each session as prep time allows.  Students wishing to register for both sessions should submit two separate registrations, one for each session. For an additional challenge or just a different experience, students that register for both sessions are encouraged (but not required) to register on different instruments (if they play more than one instrument at the same proficiency level), or attend one session as an instrumentalist and the other as a vocalist.

First Day of Camp Seating Auditions

While Summer Intensive strives to foster a fun, non-competitive environment, we do conduct seating auditions on the first day of camp to get a baseline for where each student is at. Whatever level each student is at is perfectly okay! We just want to get an idea of which skills to work on throughout the week. 

Auditions are very informal and short (no more than two minutes each). Refer to the audition materials page for the specific material you'll need to prepare in advance of your first day of camp.

Proficiency Self-Assessment (Prior to Registration)

SRO Summer Intensive is, by design, meant to be accessible to students with a wide range of musical abilities, including those that are new to extra-curricular music outside their school programs. It is with intention that we do not require auditions in advance of camp, and instead rely on each student's self-assessment of their abilities when choosing SROSI for their summer music needs. While most students that meet our default requisites for eligibility (two years experience in a school ensemble or in private lessons, plus music reading ability) will do fantastically, we do encourage all students to review the sample sheet music on our audition materials page prior to registering, in order to get a sense of what will be expected of them this summer. 

All Day Participation Policy


We understand the logistics of participating in a half day camp can be challenging for some families, especially those with multiple children of different ages enrolled. If such logistics are a concern, please reach out to us so we can discuss. We would prefer to have your child wait quietly in the safety of the theater if you're unable to pick them up or drop them off midday. In some cases, all day participation in both orchestras may be allowed on a case-by-case basis, with consideration given to the participant's skill level, as well as orchestral balance and available stage space (see info on 'Testing Up' below).

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