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Our online registration is quick, easy, and can be completed with any major credit or debit card. Please thoroughly review our Policies & Details before initiating your registration. 

Registration for SROSI is a three step process:

1) Registration Form

To initiate your registration, click on the large link below to access the registration form, which will open in  a new tab or window. The form serves to collect your student's emergency contact information, musical history, and other pertinent information so we can best serve them during and ahead of camp.

2) Payment 

You'll next be prompted to enter your debit or credit card information. You'll have the option to either pay a $100 non-refundable tuition deposit or to pay the tuition balance in full. If only paying the deposit now, you'll need to pay the remainder of the tuition balance by July 1st, using our separate make a payment web form (which may also be found in the summer intensive drop-down menu on this site).

*Note: during the 'Earlier Bird' pricing window, the option to pay just the deposit will be disabled. To lock in the 'Earlier Bird' tuition price, tuition must be paid in full on or before March 1st. The option to pay just the tuition deposit will be enable between March 2nd and May 31st. Registrations after June 1st will be required to be paid in full. 


3) Waiver & Release


After submitting the payment, you'll need to sign our Waiver and Release Form via, the online document signing service we use. After following the link, you'll be prompted to enter your email address. From there, check your email inbox for instructions on how to complete the form. If you don't see the follow up email from, check your spam folder. 

Upon completion of all three steps, you should receive three confirmation emails, one from every step of the process:
1) successful submission of registration form (from
2) receipt of successful payment (from

3) successful signing of Waiver & Release form (from

SROSI must also receive confirmation of all three submissions in order to consider your child fully and officially registered, in order to hold a spot for them in the program. 

Many thanks for choosing SROSI!

Link to registration form:

Waiver & Release form:

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